?Маленький ребенок без труда определяет эмоции взрослых

14 октября 2014

Специалисты из Америки доказали, к 15-месячному возрасту дети без труда могут определить эмоции взрослых людей. Для этого даже не нужно умение распознавания речи, ведь эмоции – это большей части интонация и мимика человека. К таким результатам пришла научная группа после проведения эксперимента. Малыши играли в увлекательную игру с игрушками, издающими разные звуки. Дети с удовольствием погрузились с головой в развлечение.

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    We asked the urologist-andrologist of the clinic of the medical center Sergey Sergeevich klass: they say, what do men most often ask you at your appointments? It turned out that every second patient asks a question about a morning erection. And the doctor was carried away — he told us a lot of interesting things: we read and try on ourselves, men! In fact, the lack of a morning erection is not a cause for concern. During sleep, there are three to five spontaneous erections, and nighttime ones are equated with morning ones: - normally, every day in the morning, there is no arousal for no reason, which lies on the bed next to it, and there should not be, especially after 25 years; - you can not notice spontaneous erections because they happen at night in a dream. Here is a real example: a patient comes in and wants to be circumcised. When asked about morning and night erections, he shakes his head: "No, it's been a long time." Okay, we're doing the circumcision, at the checkup.: "Wow, how often he wakes me up at night." In a dream, an erection occurs, the stitches are stretched, the patient feels and
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    Symptoms of impotence Doctors identify six main criteria on the basis of which a man can be considered impotent: * if he is unable to experience sexual attraction; * if he is unable to achieve a sufficient erection, although he feels sexual desire;
    • if he is unable to insert the penis into the vagina after the appearance of an erection;
    • if it is unable to perform frictional movements for the required time;
    • if he is unable to achieve ejaculation as a result of frictional movements;
    if he is unable to experience an orgasm as a result.
    Types of impotence There are two types of impotence – organic and psychogenic. Organic impotence is a physiological disorder. These include, for example, urological diseases, endocrine disorders, and vascular diseases. This pathology progresses slowly. Periodically, there is no erection, gradually failures become more frequent. With organic impotence, sexual attraction to a partner, a relative erection, sometimes persists
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    All people are gifted with the ability to remember everything that surrounds them. Be it new people, their names, faces. Or, these are important things that should be done after a while. Or a shopping list and a friend's birthday.

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    We can often hear others say: "He was lucky, he has a good memory!" There is a share of delight and some envy in these words.

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    The main causes of erectile dysfunction are various vascular diseases, diabetes, lack of testosterone and injuries. This disease affects more than 200 million men in Europe and America, and according to statistics, more than 50 percent of men over the age of 40 experience such problems and are at risk of eventual loss of potency.

    In 80% of cases, erectile dysfunction is the result of diseases that are not related to mental activity (somatic).

    age and age-related diseases;
    neurogenic disorders at the level of the brain and spinal cord, peripheral neuropathies;
    endocrine diseases and, first of all, diabetes mellitus;
    diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, atherosclerosis);
    other somatic diseases (kidney failure, lung and liver diseases);
    diseases of the genitourinary system;
    bad habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs;
    the side effect of drugs, and those that provoke the development of erectile dysfunction, quite a lot: a number of drugs of the group of antihypertensive drugs, diuretics, hypolipidemic, psychotropic.
    The main causes of the above-mentioned are cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus.
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    Among the psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction, various types of depression, stress and restless states should be noted. Erections in men do not occur at all where we see and feel them - they are born in the head. Erectile dysfunction is psychogenic in nature, and when it does not occur from excessive excitement, experts call this condition "the syndrome of waiting for failure". This is not yet a disease, a single "puncture" is almost the norm. It is bad when such a state takes root and becomes habitual.

    A decrease in sexual desire against the background of severe physical or mental fatigue is also a normal protective reaction of the body. If you are tired, you should rest. Therefore, with increased loads, the body is protected by a decrease in sexual desire. This is so common that it has its own name - manager syndrome.
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